Rental Terms

We offer month-to-month rental agreements. The agreement automatically renews on the first of each month, unless we receive a written Climate Controlled Hallwayvacancy notice, as described below. The minimum rental period is one month. We have both short and long-term customers.

To rent a storage unit, it often works best to meet at the storage facility. This will give you the opportunity to view the storage unit to make sure it will fit your needs, prior to signing the agreement.

The following fees are due with the signed agreement:

  • Prorated first month's rent;
  • Second month's rent (only if lease starting after the 20th of the month); and,
  • Security deposit (equal to one month's rent).

A photo ID is required, as well.

Vacancy Notice

To cancel the rental agreement, the lessee must provide a written vacancy notice to us 10 days prior to the end of the current month. If your mailing address has changed, we will need your new address to mail the security deposit back to you. Click HERE for a vacancy notice form for your use.


We strongly recommend that you insure your stored property. As with most self storage facilities, we do not provide insurance for your items. Your homeowners and renters insurance may provide the necessary coverage, but please check your insurance policy, or call your insurance agent.